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My Photo Gallery

It took me a while to get into photography. It was always a hobby that the family loved - my Aunt and my Dad took it very seriously, so as a kid, I naturally got caught up in all the enthusiasm! The biggest hang-up for me though was waiting ages for the photos to be developed. So, I guess I was born at the right time for digital photography! Over the years, I think I've owned nearly as many cameras as I have cars and I began taking it seriously in November 1999 with an early HP model - the C20. It was their second-only digital camera, announced a year earlier and boasting 1 megapixel images. Crap picture quality by today's standards, but very convenient to have the photos there and then! Just after the Millennium, I bought an Olympus C2500L with 2.5 megapixels - and that suited me for a few more years.

The Olympus E20P, followed in 2003 then, on 20th July 2005, I moved on to a Canon EOS20D - one of the first semi-pro DSLR cameras, with interchangeable lenses. It served me well for many years, but it was quite bulky carrying all those different lenses. As a result, on 7th July 2010, I replaced it with the (then) cutting-edge Panasonic Lumix G2. Our Northern Ireland pics in 2010 and were the first to benefit from the improved picture quality together with the new lightweight 'four-thirds' interchangeable lenses. The G2 was in regular service for over five years, but by then, camera tech had moved on, and I was in the market for a replacement.

Whilst I made up my mind, on 18th July 2016, I bought a used Nikon CoolPix P600 with an impressive 60X optical zoom (no need to carry separate lenses!) to tide me over. It was simply amazing and seemed to work in very poor lighting conditions too! Consequently, I hardly ever used the built-in flash! Meanwhile the G2, with all its lenses and bits & bobs, took a back-seat and started to gather dust together with its half-hundredweight of lenses and equipment.

Meanwhile, my search for a serious DSLR had ended - the Panasonic GH4, ticked ALL the boxes for my next-step upwards in the world of photography. The trouble was, I'd got used to the convenience of the Nikon Superzoom (no extra lenses and very lightweight!). And, at over £1500 for the Panasonic (with just a standard lens) as much as I liked photography, it was a big price to pay for something that was only going to be used when we travelled. And, being a serious DSLR camera, it was quite bulky especially with a zoom lens attached. In the end, I made a decision that I didn't think I'd ever make...

...On 17th September 2019, I upgraded my PHONE to the then flagship Samsung Note10+ 5G. It promised great pics from its built-in camera and multiple dedicated lenses, and that confined the Nikon to suffer the same fate as the G2!

Could I satisfy my photographic needs with a mere camera-phone? Well, the truth is, I'd given up printing my photos ages ago, preferring to show them online and certainly using a camera phone made the phone-to-screen process pretty much instantaneous! This was a massive benefit for me, and I could also edit them on the phone utilising some pretty sophisticated options. All of these benefits outweighed some of the downsides of 'camera phones'. OK, the picture quality is not quite as good as a 'proper' DSLR, but at least I didn't need an extra suitcase for the additional lenses, flash-gun and tripod! 😁

Fast-forward to 2024! I'd been considering trading-in my trusty Note10+ 5G for a while, but never quite got around to it. It was only when the battery started to deteriorate and I couldn't get more than HALF a day out of it, that I was prompted to go shopping. After picking up a used Note20 5G Ultra, I realised how much cameras on a phone had improved in just over 5 years! Then I recall reading about the revolutionary 200 megapixel phone system on the S23 5G Ultra. This was Samsung's flagship phone for 2023, and so, on the 5th June 2024, I took delivery of an immaculate used example, courtesy of eBay - and what a camera it's turned out to be!

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 Japan (August 2009)
 Barbados (Christmas 2009)

 Rome plus Cruise (November 2010)

 Australia and Dubai (Honeymooon 2011)

 Olympics Closing Ceremony Weekend (August 2012)
 Germany (August 2012)
 Fly/Cruise Singapore/Thailand/Vietnam/Hong Kong (December 2012)

 Germany (October 2014)
 Malta - Our 30th Anniversary (December 2014)

 Cuba (May 2015)
 Northumberland (October 2015)

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